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Grown in Germany  a dwarf rootstock for peach, apricot and nectarine trees especially recommended for intensively grown  commercial orchards.

Exclusive rights to reproduce  PUMISELECT®  rootstocks in Poland:.


PUMISELECT® rootstock grower:
Prof. Dr. Helmut B. Jacob, Forschungsanstalt Geisenheim, Fachgebiet Obstbau, Germany

rootsocks features:
- Dwarf peach, apricot and nectarine tree rootstocks, selected from Prunus Pumila
- Recommended for intensive planting – the growth of peach and apricot trees on that rootstock is about 50% smaller than on peach or apricot seedlings.
- It grows together well with all varieties of peaches and apricots.
- It is resistant to drought
- It is not blighted by the Sharka virus (Plum pox.virus)
- It produces few root shoots
- It creates a very good root system
- The trees on the rootstock set flower buds very well
- It is demanding as far as soil is concerned, it does not tolerate marshy soil
- The trees grown on it have a small size and heavy bearing therefore  propping  up with stakes is recommended.

1. The comparison of growth  of the five- year - old peach trees of „Red Haven” variety on the peach seedling and PUMISELECT®  rootstock
2. Five – year – old peach tree of „Hargrand” variety on PUMISELECT®   rootstock
3. The root system of PUMISELECT®  rootstock

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